Top questions which are asked in cryptocurrency charts

When it comes to invest in the digital currency there are lots of questions that come into mind. Every now and then people stumble on any of these questions. People mostly run from the complex policies of digital currencies. All of these currencies have same kind of technical terms behind them so it becomes very difficult for many people to understand them. In these questions people mostly ask from two categories:



In ICO question the main thing to recognize is that it should be explainable under one minute. Always know about the end and start date of ICO. And keep a track of all those coins which have been sold during that time.  Are the instructions according to the ICO is clear to the investors. Last but not least how much is the approximate conversion rate of these coins.

Now when it comes to the marketing of these coins always know about the competitors of yours and know about the targeted market. Always know about the competitive edge that you have over your competitor and use it well. How much time is there to implement the marketing strategy for your coin?

Now these are some of the few questions that everybody need to know when getting into latest icos.

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