This is how you invest in digital currency and best ICOs

Either it is a big profit margin or it’s the diversification of the crypto currency it is attracting people more than ever. People of all walks and means are trying to invest in the digital currencies. To get all the things right you have to know that how to launch an ico? People usually request ico form a third party but it’s better to do it by yourself. If you want to some of the basic components of buying a crypto currency then you should keep two things in mind.

What rate you are buying them?

What rate you want to sell them?

These are the two best things that you guys can analyze by your own. Let’s check some numbers. With the market cap and profit margin of 280 billion dollar, Bitcoin is one of the most established and risk free digital currency for you guys. On the second Ethereum comes with the profit margin of 70 billion dollar. These are not just two digital currencies in the market right now there are many others like Ripple at third position with 28 billion market and Litecoin with 17 billion at fourth place.

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